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und her mind, she would never witch him, she had decided, but was hating all this and Remigorius and him too, for the moment. He turned his head, the though

t flashed away, and the doctor said, with a twist at the corner of his lips: “Now we will see if this star is a true marvel or only another of the bogey-tales made up by the lords of court to keep men in submission. Look in my eyes, Ser Rodvard,

and tell me what I am thinking.” Rodvard looked. “Why, why,” he said, “I do not altogether understand, but it is as though you were saying in words that you would try on a living person whether an infusion of squill in vinegar is useful in a stopp

age of the passages.” (It was not the complete thought, there w

as a formless shadow at the back of his mind, something about a treason.) Remigorius shook his head and turned from the gaze with pressed lips. “God’s splendor! You are become a d

angerous man, Ser Bergelin,” he said, “or a cleverer one than I think.” Then; “I count the night more than half gone, and you will need rest, having far to travel in the morning. I

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